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Does SERVPRO Clean Crime Scenes?

2/10/2020 (Permalink)

Male employee in full Tivek , scoping crime scene Does SERVPRO Clean Crime Scenes?

After a crime has been committed and the police, forensics team, and investigators have completed their evidence-gathering activities, there’s a lot more that needs to be done to return the area to its original condition.

Depending on the numerous factors involved in the crime, the resulting environment could be exceptionally dangerous. Bloodborne pathogens can pose a significant threat for anyone who enters the area. There can also be chemical residues left behind by forensics teams—residues that must be cleaned in order to restore the area to pre-crime conditions. 

A crime scene is very often classified as a biohazard, which adds a layer of complexity for whomever is tasked with cleaning it up. 

That’s where SERVPRO of Denver West can help. 

Yes, SERVPRO Cleans Crime Scenes 

Crime scene and trauma cleanup is a hallmark service offered. SERVPRO of Denver West professionals have the knowledge and skill required to safely and effectively clean virtually any crime scene. 

We do this by following the exacting standards set forth by both the Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Both of these governmental institutions have very clear guidelines for how to manage the cleanup of a crime scene, including specific steps related to:

  • Identifying and removing fingerprinting powder, luminol, and other forensics chemicals
  • Safe, complete removal of chemical sprays like pepper gas, tear gas, and combustion residues
  • Effective cleaning of fire extinguishing fluids and powders
  • Precision removal of blood, bodily fluids, tissue remnants, and other organic material
  • Containment of potentially hazardous compounds found throughout the area

When it comes to cleaning up a crime scene, attention to detail is absolutely critical to the overall success of the job. SERVPRO of Denver West has developed the tools and techniques necessary to quickly and effectively clean crime scenes while maintaining a level of professionalism and respect that is unparalleled in this industry. 

Illicit Substance Manufacturing Cleanup

When drugs like methamphetamine, PCP, and heroin are manufactured in black market laboratories, the entire area can become infused with dangerous residues. The reason for this is because the drug manufacturers rarely, if ever, adequately protect the walls, flooring, and fixtures as they work. 

So, when harmful, volatile substances like kerosene and other alcohol esters seep into the surfaces in a home, warehouse, or other area, cleanup can be especially challenging. Not only could there be a risk of combustion, but there could also be trace amounts of the illicit drug itself still in the area. 

To address the complex problem of illicit substance manufacturing cleanup, SERVPRO of Denver West uses highly specialized tools and cleaning solvents that are specifically engineered for just this purpose. Combined with the expertise of our team, the result is a cleaning job that is extensive, thorough, and expedient. 

Adherence to Federal and State Guidelines

Both the State of Colorado and the federal government have set forth explicit guidelines that must be followed by any person or organization responsible for crime scene cleanup. Even the documentation of the cleanup itself has its own directives. 

Failing to abide by these guidelines can result in severe civil or criminal infractions. To comply with the rigorous state and federal guidelines that apply to crime scene cleanup, SERVPRO of Denver West cleaning technicians are exhaustively trained and kept current on all relevant laws. If these guidelines change for whatever reason, our training changes in lockstep.

This commitment to ‘following the rules’ results in peace of mind for our clients. Moreover, if you ever have a question about our cleaning methodologies, we will always be happy to share the details with you. And, if there are any post-cleanup concerns that you need to know about, we’ll make sure you’re completely informed at every turn. 

For Fast, Effective Crime Scene Cleanup, Contact SERVPRO of Denver West.

Here at SERVPRO of Denver West, we have a passion for restoring crime scenes to a state that doesn’t suggest that a crime ever even occurred. 

We do this by leveraging industry best practices, highly trained staff, and diligent adherence to governmental guidelines. If you are a property owner, property manager, or other stakeholder in the remediation of a crime scene, contact SERVPRO of Denver West today 303-576-6868

While the details related to a crime might be sensitive and disruptive, the cleaning process doesn’t have to be. 

Contact our offices today to schedule an on-site appraisal of the cleanup work that will be necessary to fully restore the area. Our professional, knowledgeable team is standing by, ready to assist in any way we can, so that you can move on with work, business, and life.

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